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Marianne and Eleanor at Queen's Park

  • 26 May 2015 1:01 PM
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    On May 13, 2015 our Advocacy Committee Co-chairs, Marianne Singh-Waraich and Eleanor Christie travelled to Queen's Park on behalf of CFUW Burlington to present to: 

    The Select Committee on Sexual Violence and Harassment

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    The Recommendations:

    Recommendations from CFUW Burlington to the Select Committee on Sexual

    Violence and Harassment , May 13, 2015

    1. Create a better patient staff ratio in nursing homes to prevent sexual assault and


    2. Make harassment policies more effective and see that they are enforced no matter

    what the status of the offender

    3. Do not blame the victim but take her seriously

    4 Ban sexualized advertising which uses young children as models

    5. Include sex education in the curriculum at all levels, especially the notion of informed

    consent and the context of a loving relationship

    6. Include proper use of the internet in high school curriculum so students can recognize

    and avoid its dangers such as sexting, cyber bullying and dubious chat rooms

    7. Institute penalties with teeth for non compliance with harassment policies

    8. Institute zero tolerance and do not accept toxic work environments.

    9. Make leaders accountable for the enforcement of harassment policies

    10. Strengthen anti- trafficking laws and prosecute traffickers

    11. Create more social and supported housing

    12. Increase funding for support services such as women’s shelters and sexual assault

    centres and make it long term, sustainable funding

    13. Insist the OMA police its orders that restrict practice for sexual offenders

    14. Work at creating gender equity which destroys the imbalance in power that so often

    underlies sexual assault and harassment

    15. Enlist men of good will to challenge their male associates to treat all women with


    16. Create He for She groups of men of all ages in schools and communities

    17. Help immigrants adjust to Canadian culture by including gender rights in ESL


    18. See to it that vulnerable minorities such as Aboriginal women and the disabled get

    extra help to combat their abuse so that they have equal access to services

    19. Encourage the federal and other governments to develop a blueprint for combating

    violence against women

    20. Increase funding for legal aid

    21. Review the burden of evidence in the judiciary system

    22. Consider custody and access cases in light of sexual violence

    23. Enforce custody and other court orders across jurisdictions

    24. Train judges and create specialized teams to deal with cases of sexual violence

    25. Train police, medical personnel and Crown attorneys(all first responders) to

    sensitize them to survivors’ difficulties

    26. Collect reliable data, create a baseline and set time bound goals to measure


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