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BN/Registration Number: 890389372RR0001
Charity Status: Registered
Effective Date of Status: 2001-02-11
Charity Type: Education
Category: (Education) Charitable Trusts

In support of CFUW's objective of promoting education, the CFUW Burlington Scholarship Foundation gives a number of scholarships annually to young women in our community pursuing a post-secondary education.

Each year, young women who have achieved high marks as well as having assumed a strong leadership position in her school are selected to receive a Leadership Award.  In June 2020 substantial amounts of scholarship monies were awarded to young women graduates of the Halton Public District School Board and the Halton Catholic District School Board.


Money for these awards comes from members’ donations, In Memoriam donations, donations from the interest groups and special fundraising events. 

CFUW Burlington also supports the CFUW Charitable Trust which grants Fellowships and Awards annually.  The combined amount of the awards granted by the individual CFUW clubs nationally and the Charitable Trust totals almost $1,000,000 annually. 

Updated 13 Sept 2021

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