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Calling all Golfer to Tee Off

Members of this group will rotate planning and organizing golf games at 

courses of their choice. The group will play at various local courses either weekly or biweekly, depending on the wishes of the members.  Your golf handicap is immaterial; the qualifier for this group is a love of golf and a desire for camaraderie.  Drinks, lunch, or dinner along with interesting conversations often follow a golf game. 

When joining this group, you acknowledge a financial commitment when you sign up to play.  As all golfers are aware, when one books a tee time, usually one has to leave a credit card on file for billing. Therefore, all members agree that if they sign up to play, they agree to pay any cost incurred on their behalf even if they do not show up.

All Golf Interest Group members are asked to subscribe to the Calling All Golfers To Tea Time IG Forum to receive notice of postings so they can stay in the loop.

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 Created 15 Sept 2022 

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