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This is a group of avid theatre goers!
There are two play selection meetings: October and January.
At the meetings playlists of the upcoming season are read and discussed. There are sign-up sheets for each play selected.    

Members sign-up for plays of their choice, suggest a preferred date and indicate whether they are willing to drive.

Drivers -receive carpool payments directly from the members before the performance

Callers – one per play – volunteer to select a final date, inquire about ticket prices, call those on the sign-up sheet to confirm that they are still planning to attend the play, and suggest car pools.

Once a member commits by phone – or email – she is responsible for the ticket cost. Members are responsible for paying the caller promptly so that she can order the tickets without delay.

We have attended plays, both professional and amateur, in Toronto, Oakville, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Hamilton, Burlington, Dundas and Waterdown. In December and May, a dinner and theatre event is planned.

New members are always welcome!

All Theatre Interest Group Members are asked to subscribe to the Theatre IG Forum to receive notice of postings so they can stay in the loop.

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Update 30 Sept 2015

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