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The Gourmet Club dine together each season of the year.

They enjoy fine food & wine, great company, four times a year.


Each dinner focuses around a theme chosen by two planners. They determine the menu and research recipes which are consistent with the theme. The Gourmet Club members that have signed up to attend that evening, each receive a memu to prepare and bring to the gathering.

The dinners are hosted at a member's home with the costs divided equally between all participants. Members sign up for as many dinners as they wish to attend. 

If you enjoy food, want to learn about new foods and are willing to try any recipe, then this is the group for you.

Participation in this wonderful group promises good food and fellowship!

All Gourmet Interest Group Members are asked to subscribe to the Gourmet IG Forum to receive notice of postings so they can stay in the loop.

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